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Nature Inspired


ILAHU is a Lappish word meaning REJOICE, capturing the pure joy of smooth carefree gliding. It conveys the spirit and original stoke of surfing, reawakening playfulness and connection with Nature.



Ilahu boards are designed and made in Finnish Lapland with a love of crafting natural materials.
All boards are carefully finished by hand to ensure the highest quality.


Powder Surfing

Powder surfing represents a return to the timeless pleasure of gliding, propelled only by gravity. The lack of bindings allows free exploration of how stance and position affect the ride. The experience is simple yet infinitely enjoyable.

Nordic Wilderness

Rooted in Finnish Lapland, ILAHU is inspired by our natural surroundings, Lapland's fells, the Scandinavian mountains and the North Atlantic coast. This setting informs our choice of materials and the aesthetic of our boards.

People Powered

Co-creation has been our approach from the outset. We work closely with a fantastic community of friends, riders and supporters, to explore and test new ideas. We live for the stoke and strive to help you to maintain yours.


Our Quiver

Our boards leave the shop complete with pad and a leash.
Boards available from our webshop